How to Use the Military Store Coupon Searchable Database

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Looking for military-only coupons? Then check out the Military Coupon Database!

Tips for How to Use the Coupon Database:

* Click on “Search” and type in the brand or product type under the “Contains” box

* Type in the product name you are looking for and click the “search” button. I used “Kellogg’s”

* All Kellogg’s coupons will pop up!

* Click on “Filters” drop-down box to select the exact source of the coupons if you need to narrow them down even more.

* The only printable coupons will be marked on the right side column with the link ;) The others are coupon booklets.


Find coupons from:

* Price Shopper (Family Media Magazine/Catalog)


* Eat Healthy Your Way

* Coupon ConneXion

* Commissary Shopper

* ConAgra Commissary Deals

* Operation In Touch

* Exchange Facebook Store Coupons

+ many more ;)

Have a coupon from your Commissary that was on a tearpad? Share in the comments so your fellow military shoppers can be on the lookout at their store!



  1. What a great listing you did here. You sure are on top of the deals and saving that are around th have from the commissary and stores. I dont think I ever seen this before . Thanks so much. Im always interested in saving money and finding bargains

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